About us

Fine Drinks Cooperative (FDC) was set up to provide our customers with a level of service that we believe is appropriate for the On and Off-Trade and to deliver the ultimate One Stop Shop.

FDC was the idea of Tony Stones of Champagne Warehouse who recognised the benefits of non-competitive companies working together to offer the trade a more comprehensive selection of drinks products whilst retaining their own specialism. In partnership with Barry Groves he established FDC to create the conduit for the partner companies to market their products to a greater number of clients, whilst at the same time offering their customers a greater, more varied and exclusive range of beverages.

FDC prides itself on the exclusivity of the products it is able to provide its customers whether that is in Champagnes, Wines, Beers or some of the more exclusive Spirits and Cocktails it offers. In regards to spirits and mixers we are also able to supply more well-known makes allowing customers to cherry pick the brands to support our more exclusive products.

The desire for this exclusivity comes from Tony’s passion for Champagnes, all of which comes from the smaller vineyards within Champagne and not the larger Champagne Houses. Tony’s passion for Champagne is mirrored by the passion and expertise of the founders of our Partner Companies.  All wish to deliver a product that is recognised for  quality and value for money

Barry brings logistic expertise to the business having been involved in all aspects of it for 27 years in the military both on large and small operations. When Tony floated the concept of FDC Barry quickly identified the potential that it would afford to the Partnering Companies and their customers. Tony’s expertise in product selection and Barry’s logistical background is a great mix.

We look forward to building a company that not only benefits the business, but more importantly our customers and Partners.