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Aaldering Wines

We are very pleased to announce our new relationship with the South African Aaldering Vineyard.  We have recently been appointed the UK Agent for their excellent range of wines.  Stocks have now been received in to our warehouse and already the orders are coming in.  These are all exceptional wines and we are delighted that we are able to include them in our exclusive portfolio.

Aaldering Pinotage MPS_01Aaldering Range

The Aaldering Vineyard is situated in the Devon Valley, Stellenbosch and the wines are inspired by the natural beauty and is further enhanced by the site-specific terroir and natural surroundings. Under the watchful eye of a devoted staff, recruited from local communities, the delicate wine making process in the winery couple with latest technology results in a range of mesmerising premium wines.

Aaldering Landscape

For anyone looking for something special to drink these are the ideal choice.We have brought in The Chardonnay, Lady M 2014 Pinotage, Shiraz 2011 (ALC 15.37), Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot and the Pinotage Blanc.

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