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Aaldering Wines

An update from Aaldering Wines.

Our wines now officially qualify as “Estate Wines” per the 2014 vintage and we are getting world-renowned for our varied collection of fine Pinotage wines. Five of our wines now received the 4* Platter status in its 2015 wine guide, an excellent endorsement which we are very proud of. Moreover, our new winemaker Guillaume Nell has been putting everything in place in the vineyards to take Aaldering to the next level, we are keen to see the results of this with the upcoming harvest already.

In more good news our 3 new luxury lodges on the Aaldering estate are ranked as a Trip Advisor top 3 destination for specialty lodging in the Cape Winelands, we certainly hope to welcome you there one dayJ

You will also find it interesting to know that we will soon be introducing a fabulous Magnum Pinotage 2012, and an even more generous Double Magnum Pinotage 2012! This is the first red wine vintage that was made in our new wine cellar.

For more information about the Aaldering wine range you can follow the link to our website and click on each wine to read the Fiche Technique. An update with pictures of the full Aaldering range, vineyards, lodges and winery will be sent by wetransfer for your reference and to use in your own communications. We’re always happy to be involved and make a tailored newsletter or branded image for you as you wish. We’re harvesting the benefits of very nice PR in several countries and hope to further establish this together with you.